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Why sell maps?
Because we love maps! And we love people who love maps, and people who love people who love maps!


Schein & Schein was opened by Jimmie and Marti Schein in 2003 in their North Beach neighborhood after living and working in San Francisco for many years prior.  Their love of maps, history, travel and independence lead them to an established and entertaining business in a street retail space in San Francisco for nearly 18 years.  They have just recently let go of the North Beach location and have moved the primary business online and invite you shop the inventory here.  


Jim Schein has also had his first book published, which is also available through this site.  Gold Mountain Big City is a book on Ken Cathcart's 1947 illustrated  map of San Francisco's Chinatown. 


Their inventory contains thousands of authentic Antique Maps and Prints. They cover the world stocking a wide range of material dating from the 14th to the 20th Century; we also specializes in San Francisco, California and wine country material from the 19th and 20th centuries.

Please do not hesitate to contact them about items you are looking for, that have many more items that are not shown on this site.


Maps and engraved prints make great gifts and wonderful decorative additions to any home or office.  They are compelling objects that grab people's attention and transport them to a different time and place.  Owning an antique map or print is much like owning a window into the past.


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