1936 California in the Fifties by John Howell
  • 1936 California in the Fifties by John Howell


    Clean copy with original tan dustjacket, this fine publiction from John Howell is reknowned for its comprehensive coverage of the great Gold rush town views created in California's early history. Many of these were CC Kuchel and Emil Dresel, noted lithographers, early on the gold rush scene with artist skills and industrail equipment to produced great views of the new frontier. Rare in Howell's time of 1936, he celebrated and organized these large examples from the limited original stock in private colections at the time and at great expense duplicated them in reduction of scale . This book was originally issued with a folio of all 50 engraved town views , the same included in the book, allowing the consumer to have his prints and frame them too.